Leading up to the 2017 Close It conference it became critical to redesign the Innovate+Educate website to better reflect and display the myriad of diverse projects the I+E team works on. I worked closely with the leadership team, the marketing and communications team, and the development team to clarify the I+E message and support their mission and vision statements through the aesthetic and content of the website.


I worked with a very small team to create SEEK, a platform for visualizing career opportunities and pathways. Over the course of the project, I worked on everything from initial design sprints, to extensive wireframing and prototyping, to the final finished design and buffing. I worked extremely closely with the both client and our internal development team to marry the design and functionality of the platform. I also created the logo and branding as well as printed collateral items.



In addition to branding the event and designing and managing production of all printed materials at the 2017 Close It conference, I also designed and produced the website and app.


A joint initiative of Innovate+Educate and the City of Albuquerque, TalentABQ's goal is to connect employers and job seekers across Albuquerque to both education and employment opportunities. With this goal in mind, it was critical to design and produce a site that was both clear and user-friendly. In addition to working on the brand and identity of TalentABQ, I worked closely with the design and development teams at Innovate+Educate to create TalentABQ's site.


As part of the Walmart Foundation’s Retail Opportunity Initiative, the Earn Dallas platform is aimed at supporting economic advancement within retail and it's adjacent sectors. In addition to creating the logo and brand identity for Earn Dallas, I also designed and built the website.


I worked closely with the leadership team at Big Swing to redesign their website. The goal was to create a fresh feeling site that put Big Swing's projects at the forefront of the experience in a clean and clear way.


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.01.43 PM.png


I worked with the team at Big Swing to refresh the look and feel of the website for Albuquerque tech startup itsums. I designed fresh new ads and created the artwork for their beta website.


In addition to creating the logo and brand identity for Tennessee Manufacturers Works initiative, I also worked with Innovate+Educate to design and build a supporting site. The goal was to create a simple site that supported the brand aesthetic and connect employers, job seekers, and training and credential providers.



While at Innovate+Educate I created the logo and brand identity for Core Score along with working with the design and development teams to design and build the Core Score platform.


In conjunction with the Workforce Development Institute, Innovate+Educate produced this competency-based learning and employment focused event. I supported the work by designing the logo and brand identity of the symposium as well as building this site to describe the event and provide an online registration system.



I designed and built this site to support Innovate+Educate's Job-Ready Hire Fair event and provide an online registration process. Additionally, I created the brand and identity along with all printed and graphic materials leading up to and at the event itself.

With the design team at Big Swing I had the opportunity to design an engaging, fun, and fresh new website for Cooking with Kids. The CWK website was recognized as a Hermes Creative Award winner as well as a Creativity Award International winner.


Working closely with the leadership and development teams at Big Swing I designed this website for Paul Hultin. The goal was to create a site that visually described Paul and his work as well as providing a beautiful and easy way for people to connect with him.